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The effects of alcohol on muscle growth

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We suggest to try to understand the issue: how badly does alcohol consumption affect the development and growth of muscle mass.


Let's start with alcohol. Its active substance is ethanol. It belongs to the category of psychotropic substances, their action causes irreparable damage to the body and provides suppression and depression of CNS. But in this context we consider the direct effects of alcohol on the muscles.


It would seem, nothing wrong can a cup of weak alcohol do. Here, it is possible to agree, nothing substantial, except that it is like you missed one workout. If you're not limited to one glass, and get drunk, then your performance will be reduced so that the recovery will take at least two weeks. If alcohol-based preparations are taken systematically and on a daily basis, even in small amounts, the protein synthesis process slows down somewhere by 30-40%, the body stops producing growth hormone, testosterone and decreases estrogen levels rise.


We believe that everyone knowns that by taking alcohol, a huge number of liquids outputs during metabolism, including vitamins A, B, C, calcium and other nutrients, and you always are hungover in the morning. This is dehydration. Water as a source of power, is an important factor in muscle building, and its absence makes the muscles stiff. They lose volume and shape, gradually eroded as slowing down the processes of recovery and anabolic processes as well.


If, however, for some reason, you need to take alcohol, you should remember that it is necessary to use products that contain protein as snacks at the same time. After drinking, you should not workout the next two days. Moreover, there will be absolutely no effect, you can also trigger the destruction of muscle fibers.


Try to drink plenty of mineral water these two days, to restore the required level of liquid in the body.


For people who have decided to maintain an athletic lifestyle, alcohol is the worst enemy, remember this, otherwise all efforts and results will be unnoticed.

Latest update: 26/01/2017