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Aquatest (Balkan Pharmaceuticals) Testosterone 50 mg/ml

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Product Characteristics
Quantity 5 amp * 1 ml
Dosage 50 mg/ml
Main active substance Testosterone
Other brand names Aquatest, Testosterone, Testosteron, Pharmatest, T-100, Testo, Test, Testo-S, Testosterone Suspension,Aquabolic, Testosus, Anabolic Ts, Uni-Test, Aquaviron, Testaplex, T-Suspension, Testovis, Aquabol, Testex, Test Susp

Aquatest is testosterone dissolved in water suspension. The main difference of Aquatest from others drugs is absence of ether residue. The drug begins to act immediately after the injection and also quickly removes. It makes this drug very popular among the athletes who wants to gain the weight very fast. Among it’s significant benefits the drug also has probably same disadvantages like every testosterone drug, it has high androgenic activity which can provoke acne, water retention and gynecomastia. What’s why after cycle with Aquatest, PCT is required.