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Testosterone Enanthate is actually one of the oldest anabolic steroids being sold on the market. It is still being used quite widely. The purposes for which it may be applied are quite various.

One can use it to restore the normal levels of testosterone in the body. For those who are performing, Testosterone Enanthate's importance cannot be underestimated. Due to its basic qualities and properties, it allows an athlete to stay in shape during the offseason, so that when the time of competitions comes, it will be much quicker and easier to regain all of the mass that is necessary.

Additionally, the greater the testosterone levels are, the greater muscular endurance that individual will be able to enjoy.

However, one should get disillusioned by supposing that the positive side outweighs the bad one. This is not true. Firstly, testosterone is prone to aromatization, increasing the oestrogen body levels and leading to the suppression of the natural levels of testosterone, causing impotence and obesity, if ones stops training for a short period of time.

Good cholesterol may be reduced, leading to severe cardiovascular problems.

 100-200 mg should be taken during 7-10 days.

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