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The full name of the steroid is Testosterone Propionate. The chemical composition of the testosterone consists of a single ester compound. This particular type of testosterone is one of the most significant ones that have been ever created.

The benefits are almost similar to those of other kinds of testosterone. The first and most obvious purpose of using the supplement would be to recover the normal levels of testosterone, in case if one is suffering from the deficit.

The practical use for the athletes may be found in the fact that those who wish to stay fit during the offseason may increment the muscle mass or at least maintain it at the same level, so that when the competitions take place, it would be easier to get ready.

Finally, those who use it are likely to experience high testosterone levels that lead to the faster burning of fat and greater muscular endurance.

The side effects include the possibility of suffering androgenic ones with losing hair or virilization. The cardiovascular ones can also be quite severe.

 Usually, the normal dose of the steroid is about 25-50 mg 3 times a week. The cycle can last for several weeks, depending on the person.

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