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This is a very uncommon form of testosterone because it is composed of a long ester base compound. It is generally manufactured in the form of capsules. The initial purpose that was behind its development was to treat the deficit of the natural levels of testosterone. However, one should not forget that it is still a synthetic version of the original natural hormone.

The pros and cons are quite large, but the key ones will be summarized briefly.

As mentioned above, the fundamental reason for using Testosterone Undecanoate is to treat the lack of naturally occurring hormone. Therefore, it implies that the negative consequences of suffering from testosterone low levels can be treated. These obviously include such things as impotence, absence of libido, body fat increase, loss of lean muscle mass, etc. The range goes far beyond the frames of the article. So, a performer can use it to get rid of the excessive fat layers or to restore the normal sexual life.

However, as any other steroid is has side effects, starting with the androgenic ones, like hair loss and virilization. High blood pressure is also expected.

 1000 mg should be used every 2-4 weeks.

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