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Trenbolone H is one of the steroids that not only belong to the 19-nortestosterone family, but to the Trenbolone steroids branch as well. To be as brief as possible, there only a few structural differences between the different types of Trenbolone. However, it needs to be made more clear that all of the Trenbolone types belong to the 10-nortestosterone family because a carbon atom is not present at the 19th carbon position.

The biggest advantage of the Trenbolone H is the possibility to improve one's protein synthesis. The obvious consequence is that the muscle mass can be increased dramatically, also enhancing the performance. The growth rate is also affected in a positive manner.

The second and very important feature is that nitrogen is retained very well, allowing people to stay more anabolic. The recovery is, therefore, speeded up.

Lastly, muscular endurance is also improved by increasing the number of red blood cell which can carry more oxygen.

The negative side effects that can prove to be dangerous should be recalled. Firstly, the substance is very androgenic which leads to hair loss and body hair growth. High blood pressure can occur.

 50-100 mg a week are advised.

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