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Boldenone Undecylenate is an anabolic steroid which is known worldwide as Equipose. The name attributed to the substance by the firm Squibb. The initial purpose of the development of this hormone was for medical reasons. It terms of chemical composition, it's been derived from testosterone and is androgenic. The difference between Boldenone and testosterone is found in the addition of double bonds to the first and second carbons.

The structural alteration brings about a reduction in androgenic effects as well as aromatization. Due to its similarity with testosterone, Boldenone shares some common characteristics, like the acceleration of the protein synthesis, keeping nitrogen in the muscles, etc.

The possible side effects may include aromatization, first of all. Boldenone may convert testosterone to oestrogen.

Because of the androgenic properties, it may lead to baldness and virilization.

Another very important side effect is related to cardiovascular problems. Actually, one is not expected to have them by using Boldenone, but still a lot of attention must be paid to the regulation of cholesterol levels.

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