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The drug of Meterolone is thought to be one of the oldest on the market and has a well-known name of Proviron. The substance can be described as a dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived anabolic steroid which has androgenic properties. This has been achieved by adding a methyl group to the first carbon.

The upgrade is vital for promoting the effectiveness of the drug as it allows Meterolone tablets to survive the oral ingestion and not to experience the hepatic breakdown.

The first function of Proviron is the ability to bind to Sex-Hormone-Binding-Globulin (SHBG). This property marks it as one of the most effective steroids. By doing so, it prevents SHBG from reducing the levels of free testosterone, leading to the increase in the levels of free testosterone.

Mesterolone can also act as an Aromatase Inhibitor by binding to the Aromatase enzyme which converts testosterone to oestrogen.

Due to its androgenic nature, it may lead to baldness or body hair growth and virilization in women. Besides, it may increase the levels of bad cholesterol.

 50-75 mg of MEsterolone should be taken in during 8-12 weeks.

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