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Methandienon is generally described as a steroid that is responsible for enhancing the protein synthesis processes in the human body. The drug is actually a variation of Methandienone which is also found in the form of a vial solution. Having mentioned this vital similarity, we can certainly affirm that the steroid fulfills its function by promoting the buildup of protein. As its vial solution variation, the drug has strong anabolic and androgenic effects.

The biggest advantage of using this steroid is that those who are not feeling comfortable with the idea of self-injecting something, can easily administer this one. Besides, it should undoubtedly mentioned that the top bodybuilders do make use of the drug due to its ability to help maintain perfect form and shape.

In addition to that, Methandienon can help gain mass quite quickly as 15 lbs of mass can be obtained within really short timeframe.

Nevertheless, the negative side effects should not be omitted. Because of the androgenic nature, body hair growth or baldness can be noted as well as virilization can happen in women.

 The normal administration is about 30-60 mg per day during a period of 6 weeks.

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