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Mibolerone is a steroid that requires a lot of attention due to its qualities. To begin with, it was pharmaceutically developed to stop ovulation in females but finally found its use in the bodybuilding industry. The reason for this is that it is 5.9 times more anabolic and 2.5 times more androgenic than the well-known testosterone. Therefore, Mibolerone is considered to be one of the most powerful anabolic steroids.

Usually, the steroid is used just short before the sporting event takes place. The roots of this tendency are found in the fact that the substance is capable of providing and adrenaline-like effect which gives the sense of aggression and rush, helping the athlete to exercise at the brink of his or her abilities.

However, one should be aware of the short half-life period of the steroid. Therefore, it should be used 30-40 minutes before the event takes place.

 Nevertheless, the side effects are really severe and may be fatal. Firstly, strong androgenic effects like baldness, acne, etc. are expected, but no oestrogenic properties were found. Finally, if it is mixed with estradiol, this can result to be fatal.  

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