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Stanozolol is described as a very famous anabolic steroid and is still being increasingly discussed. The base of the steroid is the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) one. This means that Stanozolol is actually an altered form of the DHT hormone. The alteration is brought about by the two key facts. The first change is known because of the addition of a pyrazol group to the A-ring instead of adding the 3-keto group. The alteration brings about the feature of being heterocyclic. The second change occurs due to the attachment of a methyl group to the 17th carbon atom.

The changes mentioned above are responsible for decreasing the androgenic activity of the steroid and increasing its anabolic one.

The steroid is able to increase the number of free testosterone. Moreover, it enhances the protein synthesis, contributing to greater muscle mass growth, and to the nitrogen retention. It also increases the number red blood cells, thus, improving endurance, and depresses the stress hormones that promote muscle loss and fat increase.

The side effects include the androgenic ones as well as the cardiovascular and hepatotoxicity.

 2 mg a day are advised during 1-2 weeks.

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