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Stanozolol vial suspension is a variation of Stanozolol which also available in the form of tablets. The base of the steroid remains the same as it is the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) one. Basically, the steroid is obtained be altering the chemical composition of the DHT hormone. The first alteration is found in the fact that a pyrazol group has been added to the A-ring instead of the 3-keto group. The consequence of this change implies that Stanozolol is heterocyclic. Secondly, a methyl group has been attached to the 17th carbon atom, making it toxic to the liver. So, anyone who has problems associated with the liver, is not recommended to use Stanozolol.

Nevertheless, the changed described above, decrease the androgenic nature of the steroid, whilst they increase its anabolic capabilities.

The most likely benefits are associated with the increase in muscle mass due to better protein synthesis, increasing the number of free testosterone and red blood cells, thus, contributing to improved endurance.

The side effects are quite adverse, especially in terms of the cardiovascular system. Another drawback is that it's hepatotoxic.

 2 mg a day are advised during 1-2 weeks.

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