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Short steroid cycles

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Novice athletes or those who do not practice bodybuilding professionally, prefer to take a pharmaceutical support not very constantly, in the form of short-term cycles. Eye-popping gains in muscle mass in such way can’t be achieved. But it is possible to get a noticeable effect in the short terms.

Advantages of short steroid cycles:

The main thing that attracts short steroid cycles is the ability to quickly achieve a good result.

The probability of side effects gets reduced repeatedly. A short cycle with a further rest period gives the minimum harm to the body, and sometimes allows you to completely get rid of it.

An attractive aspect of this method is also a good opportunity to save on the purchase of medications.

Even after completion of the cycle it has a continuing aftereffect within a few weeks.

Variety of steroid cycles

There are many variations of such methods. Choosing the right one depends on the goals and the individual qualities of the athlete. Short steroid cycles may differ both in its duration, and to whether it is solo or stack.

The most frequent time intervals interleaved with medication and a waiver of those targeted by the athletes look like this: 2 weeks / 2 weeks; 3 weeks / 2-3 weeks; 4 weeks / 4-6 weeks; 6 weeks / 6-8 weeks. This plan allows you to achieve results with minimal harm. We can give an example of a few short cycle. But they are exploratory: a particular selection is made on the basis of expert advice.

Testosterone suspension is taken with Trenbolone and Methandrostenolone for three weeks, then Clomid, Dinitrophenol, and Insulin for a week. One week more only with Insulin and Clomid, and the final week with insulin and Dinitrophenol.

In the first three weeks, take Testosterone suspension, Trenbolone, and Oxandrolone. On 4th and 5th weeks first two steroids are canceled and are replaced by Clomid and Clenbuterol. On 6th week 6 stop taking Clomid.

Within three weeks take Oxymetholone and Stanozolol. Then two weeks - Clomid, Insulin and Cytomel. The cycle is ended by weekly intake of Insulin and Cytomel.

Cycle starts with a three-week use of Testosterone, Trenbolone, Methandrostenolone, Clomid, IGF-1 and HGH. Then, for two weeks, leaving only the three latest medication. The final week - take IGF-1 and HGH.
Latest update: 26/01/2017