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Steroids dosage

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No article can definitely say what should be the dosage of steroids: the question in each case is decided individually. Possible figures can be indicated only. You can see examples of the most frequently used substances in bodybuilding.

Dosage of common steroids

    Danabol. Novice athletes take a 10mg tablet in the morning and evening. Further, the number is sequentially increased. Experienced athletes bring it up to 100 mg.
    Winstrol. It produced in the form of tablets and ampoules. For men, an oral form of the drug is administered from 35 to 75 mg per day (depending on the athlete’s experience), an injectable form - 25-50mg. The dosage of the steroid is significantly lower for women, not more than 10mg.
    Testosterone. These drugs are marketed under various names, in the form of a gel, vials or capsules. In any case, it is necessary to pay attention, what is the active substance and what its amount is. Starting testosterone daily dose should not exceed 50 mg and it is taken in the oral form. Subsequently, the drug is administered intramuscularly, bringing the dose up to maximum 500 mg per week.
    Nandrolone. It is recommended to take weekly at 50 mg. For men, the dose for injection Nandrolone range from 200 to 400 mg.
Methandrostenolone – pills that are dissolved under the tongue. On the first day, it is recommended to take 5 mg. With increasing exercise intensity increases and the dosage of steroids – up to 10 tablets.
    Metilandrostendiol is also available in a tablet form. Recommended amount of the drug: the cycle begins with 10-25mg, the maximum dose is 100 mg per day.
    Fenobolin and Silabolin are long-acting injectable drugs contained in ampoules of 1ml. They are taken at the dose of 25mg (every two weeks) to 50 mg (once every three days).

The importance of dosage

Use of substances in smaller amounts than recommended won't give any effect but side effects. The excess of the required amount of steroids is fraught with devastating effects on the liver. Also, often the natural formation of sex hormones is disturbed and the secondary sexual characteristics are changed.

Finally, the excessive enthusiasm of drugs can become even a cause of the decrease in muscle mass. The fact that the androgenic steroid metabolism leads to the formation of the female hormone – estrogen, in the body, having the opposite effect, that men can negate the effects of training. 
Latest update: 17/02/2017