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How steroids affect the heart

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There are different opinions of experts about steroids. Taking high doses of AAS can cause a decrease in lipoprotein levels. It is also called "good cholesterol" which is good for the heart and blood vessels. it is believed that the use of steroids leads to myocardial infarction and even stroke. Steroids can have a negative effect on the athletes involved in training with weights, causing ventricular hypertrophy of the heart, leading to thinning of the cardiac wall.

Many global studies were conducted in which scientists have not found significant differences in the level of cholesterol in the blood in athletes which use steroids and those who don’t. Weight gain and physiological level of health depends on the choice of a steroid, for example, Primobolan has excellent characteristics, causes rapid muscle gain and has virtually no side effects.

Another long-term study of side anabolic properties consisted in monitoring the production of testosterone in men of different age groups. The observed facts show that steroids don’t cause any heart diseases.

Similar experiments were conducted by Polish scientists, where volunteers administered Testosterone Enanthate at 200 mg. As a result, it became clear that "good cholesterol" level does not change. Talking about ventricular hypertrophy, similar morphological changes are detected in almost all the athletes due to power load to the body, regardless of whether athlete uses steroids. Basing on that, we can conclude that the fear and concerns about steroids are quite exaggerated. 

Even the "horse dose" of AAS which many bodybuilders use, won’t cause significant adverse effects. Also, when you start your steroid cycle and workout, you shouldn’t smoke in any case, because it is a negative pressure on the cardiovascular system, which will only be exacerbated by taking anabolic steroids. Sport and smoking are simply not compatible with each other. Another tip for beginners is to limit alcohol intake, or even stop it completely, because the alcohol in addition to smoking is another factor, which badly affects the cardiovascular system.
Latest update: 26/01/2017