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Steroids: myths and reality

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Steroids are a complex set of preparations for muscle mass, stamina, and the acquisition of other factors necessary for an athlete. At the same time, they are more than occasions for discussion in the media, in the gym and just any company. Naturally, this can not but contribute to fouling threads myths and speculation, which often occur as a consequence of the elementary ignorance of the subject. And there are wrong as opponents of steroids and their fans

So, myths about steroids and their debunking - Her Majesty reality. Let's start.

No, do not do steroids from a human monster with a siphon and a disproportionate muscles. Do not forget that the use of this group of drugs implies the proper training system so that each muscle group is worked out to the best and as much as it should be.

No, steroids will not give instant results. These drugs are stimulants, or vice growth hormone in the human body, and it follows that without exercise and diet in motion not budge.

No, muscle mass, typed using steroids is not a useless or ineffective. A set of muscle mass - the primary task of steroids, but they also increase endurance and strength, helping to move to heavier weights and so on.

Steroids not destroy the immune system. Quite the contrary: some drugs can strengthen the immune system and improve the quality of a number of bodily functions.

No, the consequences of taking steroids are not inevitable. To minimize the damage and prevent the manifestations of side effects there are essential things like advice from doctors, competent dosage correctly formatted course and, in fact, post-cycle therapy. Due respect to these things and allows many athletes feel after a course of steroids is quite good.

It can be achieved as a success with steroids, and without them. Go to the course - the solution of each and is completely voluntary. How many people - so many opinions, but most importantly - the confidence in their choice and the knowledge of what you are going. Responsible and all whole dedication can work wonders. And if this is your approach to the sport and to steroids - you know all the aspects of their application, you can achieve unprecedented heights.
Latest update: 26/01/2017