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Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone in all male human beings. However, Testosterone Cypionate is a synthetic version of the mentioned hormone.

It is vital to understand that the word synthetic does not carry with it the meaning that the steroid does not possess all of those properties that the natural hormone does. The basic functions, therefore, include sec drive, fat loss, improving bone density, gaining muscle mass, in some cases it is even capable of preventing heart diseases.

It is crucial to realize that all of the modern day anabolic steroids are measured against the 100 value of testosterone and are the altered versions of testosterone.

Testosterone Cypionate is also able to change the forms, appearance and shape of muscle fibers, making them look identical to those of the professionals. This is why they top athletes all use testosterone. However, it is still a very strong androgenic substance, meaning that hair loss and virilization are likely to occur.

It is also prone to aromatization and can cause oestrogenic effects like impotence.

 The drug should be administered during 12 consecutive weeks with 200 mg per week.

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