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What do you need to know before using steroids

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Any medication, including anabolic steroids are required to be taken properly, following the exact dosage. How to take steroids to make the effect of them was stable, the most effective and minimally harmful?

Seven basic rules steroids

1. Steroids are taking courses, making sure to rest periods in between. Duration of use of each of the agents should not exceed 3 months. About the duration and make a break in the course.
2. Any of the drugs begin to take in the minimum therapeutic dose, which is then gradually build up, making the process more natural to the body. Increase dosage produce about 7-10 days. From the middle of the cycle begins the same gradual reduction in the number of the received material. Then the tool is canceled.
3. Admission Scheme consist of alternating drugs. In some cases, the simultaneous use of several illustrated steroids, usually two or three. It manages to increase their influence on the formation of muscles, reduce the negative effect.
4. Together with steroids are usually recommended to take related tools: Support liver function, regulating pressure, adjusting the production of sex hormones, etc. These drugs are often prescribed anabolic steroids between courses.
5. In no case shall not exceed the dosage. Since taking steroids in excessive quantities is simply useless, sometimes the opposite effect can occur and the probability of side effects increases many times.
6. Always remember that anabolic-androgenic steroids are not the main mechanism leading to an increase in muscle. They are only allowed to consolidate the results obtained during intense physical activity and a balanced diet supplemented with the right.
7. Select the drug and duration of the course should be under the guidance of the physician because taking steroids should be strictly individually: the attention paid to the dosage, duration of application, a combination of means.

On that note taking steroids

Do not start the use of steroids from the very first days of training. It is necessary to initially build a certain amount of muscular system. Recommendations of experts converge on the fact that at the beginning of the pharmaceutical support training, muscle mass should be close to 50%.

For young followers of bodybuilding also has restrictions related to the nature of hormonal anabolic agents. Acceptance of these drugs is valid for persons over 21 years. Especially the young organism itself produces large amounts of androgens and muscle growth occurs naturally and intensively.
Latest update: 26/01/2017